SMSAssist – WA Police

SMSAssist is a text messaging service for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired, which can be used for contacting the WA Police Force and requesting assistance.

To use SMSAssist dial 0403 277 478

It should not be relied upon in emergency and the service only applies to Western Australia. If you have a speech or hearing disability the triple zero service (000) can be accessed via the National Relay Service, call TTY 106.

Using SMSAssist

People who are deaf, hard of hearing or unable to speak clearly can use SMSAssist© to contact the police for:

  • requesting police attendance
  • reporting matters to police

A police operator will then send a reply.

Should I register?

We strongly urge eligible people to register for this service. When you register, you will help yourself and the police.

You will provide police with various personal details that will help you and the police if you contact them. If you provide your name and address for instance, police will automatically know who you are when you use SMSAssist©. This will not only save valuable time and text space, it may also help the police to assist you should your message be suddenly cut off.

You choose how much information to provide to the police.

How do I register?

SMS Assist – Registration Request

What kind of information will help police?

To help police answer quickly, it is important that you provide the following information:

  • Where you are messaging from (eg, street name, popular place, church, library, museum, shop name, etc). This way, police know where you are and can send help quickly if it is required.
  • Where any incident has taken place. This is only needed if the place is different from where you are messaging.
  • Why you need police help (give a few details of what has happened).
  • Your name

A man stole a handbag& ran 2wards train stn

On Murray St Mall

I am at Ntrance 2 Aust Post in Forrest Pl Perth