Support Coordination Transition

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As of 5th June Vital Interpreting Personnel will no longer be providing Support Coordination to NDIS participants.


Please do not be worried as we will be providing a new service Deaf Supports.


If you currently have Support Coordination with Vital your Support Coordinator will be in touch about how to transition.

See below for more infromation about why we are changing our services and how Deaf supports can best support you.



Some participants have NDIS Support Coordination supports, but not all. Vital wants to be able to support all Deaf Community members, not a select few. Include MAC (My Aged Care over 65+)

The NDIA is concerned about a ‘conflict of interest’ meaning, Service delivery agencies like Vital Interpreting Personnel are providing ‘all’ the services: Support Coordination; Interpreters; VRI; Communication Guides etc. NDIA is worried that organisations are ‘feeding themselves’ and not providing participants with ‘choice and control’ about external supports and services available.



Support Coordination (if you have it in your NDIS plan) will be transitioned to external agencies. We have prepared a list of agencies and independent Support Coordinators for you to choose from. You don’t have to choose from this list, you can choose your own SC. Vital staff will assist you with this transition.

Your chosen SC will assist you to connect with the services / therapists you require, as stated in your Capacity Building and Capital budgets (if you have them).

You will still manage, choose, and book your Interpreter/ CG / VRI / English – Auslan Tutors or Notetakers etc, when you need. This will still be paid from your Core / consumable budgets.

NDIS Core Funds – Consumable budget pay for:

  • Interpreters / VRI
  • CommGuides / Sign Guides
  • Deaf Supports
  • Auslan / English Tutors / Notetakers
  • Low cost AT (Batteries / repairs and maintenance)



Yes, Vital will still be able to help support you with your NDIS Plan by providing you access to book a Deaf Support Officers.

Deaf supports will work with you to meet your new SC or LAC (NDIS Local area coordinator). It is possible that your new SC is a hearing person and does not know about Deaf/Auslan/Culture – your Deaf Support will work ‘between’ you and your SC or you and the NDIS.



Deaf supports can assist with:

  • Attending NDIS review meeting and provide support.
  • Contact the NDIS / LAC and provide support.
  • Explain your NDIS plan (again) look at your goals/ targets listed on your plan – check that they match your needs.
  • Assist with appointments or making bookings.
  • Assist with your Plan Manager / Self-Managed funds – balances/ invoices/ Portal etc.
  • And much more (Centrelink, rent, equipment enquiries, RAC, etc) any support you need.

DS can spend more time with you and show you ‘how to do’. This means you can do it, gain more knowledge and more understanding, so you can confidently do more for yourself.

DS can help you to find the right supports (CG / Interpreter/ Sign Guide/ Auslan – English Tutor etc) If you are not satisfied with support / skill/ or character, DS will look again and find one with you.

DS will be focused on you and your needs. A very “Person Centred” approach to service provision. DS will support you to make your choices, ensure you are satisfied and secure in your decision. We will support you to have a ‘good life’, find and create accessible opportunities for more choices and participation, easy access with less barriers. DS will work with you, as much or as little as you need, with supporting choice and control of your choices, decisions, and your life.

Vital are excited to provide these Deaf supports to ALL Community Members (NDIS and MAC – My Aged Care)